Games Naruto

There are many flash games dedicated to the wildly successful Japanese manga series Naruto. Originally a comic, it was adapted into anime. A short time later, several video games came out. It is still being released in comic form, and more animes are in development. Flash games are played online utilizing the Adobe Flash programming. This allows for rapid development and deployment of video games. Most of the games are set up as first person action, and within the flash platform the games function similarly to old school arcade games rather than more current games that are multi-player or allow you to save, close and reopen the game. This creates a fast game, useful for play on the go or when you have a few minutes of downtime. All that is required is a fairly up to date computer, as well as the latest installation of Flash, which is available as a free download online.

Currently, the most popular of the Naruto online games is Naruto Flash Battle. This is a single player game that allows you to select and fight as a character from the anime. It is a side-by-side, scrolling type game. The game play is very simple to master and the game becomes addicting very quickly. A typical game lasts about 15 minutes and is considered to be in the action category. What makes a game like this so fun is that it pulls actual characters and their fighting moves directly from the comic, allowing you to play as your heroes, as well as set up special matches utilizing different characters from the manga. They are always updating the games, so you are bound to find something new each time you play.

Because the Naruto series is still in progress, there are new games added every day. Within the Flash environment, the game play remains fairly simple, and all the games take only a few minutes to master. This makes it easy to play many different games, utilizing all the character developments and new story lines. Entire websites are dedicated to Naruto fighting games, and tournaments pop up both on and offline with players vying to have the top scores. The Naruto franchise is huge, and the comic itself is still in syndication. Because of this, and the rapid development time provided by the Flash programming language, many games come out every month, and a Google search will turn up several thousand at any given time.

Typically Flash games do not allow for multiplayer, but some do. The ones that do allow for multiplayer modes usually require registration. This automatically puts your name on the leader board, where you can compare your scores with other players. This adds a sense of community, and even if there are not online registration or multiplayer modes, often the comments section beneath the game is littered with declarations of victory and taunts. Sometimes the boards will also list tips and tricks, occasionally adding some cheat codes as well. It is recommended that if you get stuck on a level you should read through the other player comments and see if there isn’t a posted solution. Games Naruto offers you free online naruto games at any given time.

Viz Media is currently in control of the North American franchise of Naruto. They also are hard at work serializing the comic, as well as encouraging other writers and fans to continue to add to the story line. One interesting aspect of Naruto is the utilization of the Chinese zodiac. This is clear in the hand signs and the references to chakra that appear in both the magazines as well as the games. This cultural phenomenon has a strong history and promises to deliver many more exciting titles.

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